Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Oil Spill 2010

I'm a plant waiting for the oil to get to where I am.
The small has gotten to me I feel it really close. I see death creatures floating around and I feel afraid in side. The leaves to my body are here under water but it will not be here soon. The water I see is for now transparent and but it gets that foggy black dirtiness look. Where I’m standing is no hope, the creatures I see are desperate because this is really killing all of us. I cannot swim or run away from this in stuck here down this dirty water and soon death. I don’t know what it is this black water has taken over our clean, transparent water. And again I’m afraid, it gets closer and closer and I feel it on me already. It takes my breath away; my leaves are now dying and the creatures are running away from this disaster, but I can’t I’m stuck here practically waiting for my turn.

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