Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Last Essay.

In this short period of time, summer school taught me a lot. I learn the importance of the environmental life, the importance to have a voice, the importance of the creatures around the world, the importance of wild life in the Gulf; I learned about the Oil Spill. I learn the difference between Republicans and Democrats. I learned about creativity, uniqueness and more about the web CHANGE.ORG.

I learned about the importance of the environment, we need to stop thinking it belongs to us. Mr. Leh taught us all the lesson about the thought of human who think it belongs to us. “We are the earth’s eyes” the earth looks through our eyes and we would be nothing if the environment messes up. People seem to not understand the importance of our voice and that’s also something I learned here, if people don’t start moving and ignores the problems going on in the world for example, the Oil Spill we are going to kill the planet. Silence is just as bad as killing, creatures are dying in the Gulf because of the people who think are smart when they are actually so stupid for killing themselves in other words. The people in Earth are killing the planet; raping it and no one cares! Also, learning about the CHANGE.ORG web was really important, my class mates and I learned that we can make our voice count by voting. There will be a subject for example, environment and a case; on the side there’s causes or petitions for example “Save all the animals in the forest by setting up a system that will work for all” You will vote if you agree and you will be making your voice count. This votes and petitions are sent to the governor.

This class was a really interesting one. Creativity was the key to every assignment and Mr. Leh taught us the importance of it; something is never too weird or dumb it was all based on your creativity. I also learned about the difference between a Republicans and Democrats. Republicans are the ones who really don’t care about the poor or homeless; they live in the pretty houses and if you don’t have a house or something to eat “too bad;” work for it. Democrats pay for taxes so the homeless people have something like a shelter home or donations so they can eat. Democrats are most likely to never vote for a republican president.

The Avatar movie thought us all a message. This is something I also learned; we are raping the planet and killing what we can just to get money out of it, but have you ever thought about the environment talking back to us? One day this will happen and just like we killed many creatures, plants animals and take advantage; one day it will come back to us and is going to kill us all. Why? Because we don’t care about the consequences we just care about the money, but we really don’t see that we are killing ourselves because when they fight back we are all going to die.

I found out a lot about myself, I learned to be creative and unique. I learned that I love planet Earth and that we need to get moving. I learned that I have a voice and it will only be heard if I let it count. I grew as a person a lot; I think I became a better writer and that I actually care about a lot of things because I want my kids to get to see the beauty of the environment. Finally i learned that a teacher who loves their job can teach you a lot and time is not an obstacle.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Persuasive Uniform Essay

-Disagree with the Uniform Policy

The idea of requiring uniforms in High schools is probably not a good one. After so many years of using them and will probably use them when we get a job is not fair we have to use them throughout our whole entire school years. Uniforms is something not everyone can afford to buy and will be difficult for some families. Students these days are just trying to find an excuse to drop out many, believe it or not, will drop out because of this.

The first reason why we shouldn’t have to wear uniforms is because the waste of money. There’s going to be families that will not have the money to buy uniforms, or to replace them when they rip. This idea might make people want to move or to not even send students to school. Another reason why this idea is not a really good one is the students dropping out situation. I know a lot of students who are just waiting for an excuse to drop out and this idea will definitely be something they will argue about. This idea will make everyone very unhappy and will start losing students. Something I see really important is that students are tired of uniforms, ever since we started, school kinder garden-middle school we’ve been wearing uniforms and yes, it definitely gets tiring and dumb after all these years. People seem to understand really well why we should wear uniforms but they should also understand the other side of things.

Students should be able to have a saying in this idea. The solution will be to talk to the students and their families to hear their opinion, also because students like to be able to wear what they like; express their personalities by clothing and you will be taking it away from us! We come to school, try to do the best we can, and I believe we at least deserve to decided whether we want to wear uniforms or not. We are here to follow the rules and we already follow the school dress code, but I think is unfair that we cannot choose what we want to wear.

-Agree with the Uniform Policy

The use of Uniforms is something that will help us all. Parents everyday worry about how their daughters wear too short skirts, shirts, and shorts. Girls and boys take advantage of the privilege of letting students wear whatever they wish too wear. Not everybody follows the rules and is only making themselves look bad and their school. Schools can help parents with the uniforms, to those who need the help. Administration and teacher will probably be pleased because they don’t want their girls to be showing them their boobs or the boys sagging too much and showing their butts.

Uniforms help reduce gang activity and prevent less dress codes issues. Why is administration going to waste their time giving the people that don’t follow the dress code referrals, instead of just focusing on what they have to do? Going around looking for short shorts, shirts that show too much cleavage or pants that are too saggy is no fun. The uniforms help the school look better because you will be representing respect in other words, and students won’t have to spend minutes or even hours to try to figure out what they are going to wear the next day. This idea will help everyone. Parents will only buy a few shirts and pants for the whole year instead of 50 pretty shirts and 30 pair of jeans and blah blah, they will only be worry about the shoes and stuff like that. But again the idea is great! Schools will be very pleased with this decision and parents will too. Students will probably wine about it at first but at the end they will see that it’s easier anyways and that they won’t have to worry so much or spend hundreds of dollars buying all the pretty stuff; when you wouldn’t have to worry because you and all your friends will look pretty and with uniforms. Definitely this will be a very good way to save money for parents and time from students and administration. Uniforms will also help students learn life by respecting the rules and looking always professional.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Letter To Obama (Oil Spill)

Dear Obama,

My name is Sandy Palacios from Albuquerque, NM. I am very concern about the oil spill is getting really bad and I really think we need fast solution to end all of this. I personally think we should not care so much for who did it right now and just worry about the death creatures in the Gulf right now. As a hypothesis you should really try to get people together people that will care to help come up with a solution and an end to all of this.

I truly think that is really good people out there that can help us out with this problem because the problem is just getting worse and we are killing ourselves. “Because we don't think about future generations, they will never forget us”- Henrik Tikkanen. The people that did this didn’t think about the future and we are the ones to do it now because we don’t want our kids and grandkids to be looking at an environment the way it is right now. “In America today you can murder land for private profit. You can leave the corpse for all to see, and nobody calls the cops.”-Paul Brooks. Yes, is very true because no one does anything about the problem it almost seems like we are just ignoring the problem and waiting for someone to do something about it. I understand is not easy for you and that you are also trying hard to come up with a solution. We need to do something before is too late though. Sending the message that they will understand the importance! They need to see that “We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect. “-Aldo Leopold. That’s what we need to do, respect and love the beauty of our planet. You need to send the massage and we will hear! Because “I am the earth. You are the earth. The Earth is dying. You and I are murderers.” -Ymber Delecto. End of story! We don’t move, you don’t move, we are going to kill it and die.

"Something will have gone out of us as a people if we ever let the remaining wilderness be destroyed; if we permit the last virgin forests to be turned into comic books and plastic cigarette cases; if we drive the few remaining members of the wild species into zoos or to extinction; if we pollute the last clear air and dirty the last clean streams and push our paved roads through the last of the silence, so that never again will Americans be free in their own country from the noise, the exhausts, the stinks of human and automotive waste." -Wallace Stegner. Plus we are letting people kill our gulf to get rich!

There are criminals getting rich out of this killing what belongs to the earth and not to them!” I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in.” -George Washington Carver. Is no longer hurting the environment is killing it “For 200 years we've been conquering Nature. Now we're beating it to death. “-Tom McMillan. They need to find the importance, you need to find the importance, and we need to find the importance! At the end “Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.” -John Muir. Thank you for your time and I hope I made a little change on your thinking with this letter or at least got you to think what has to be done. Thank you so much and good bye!!


Sandy Palacios.

I'm Unique

 "Uniqueness is a gift and the key to everything"-Sandy (:
  People say I’m very unique and I really believe I am. I’m unique in many ways there are things that sets me apart from the crowd. I’m the kind of person that likes to herself and not care about the rest. I have the gift to forgive, people can hurt my feelings, hate me, talk bad about me and I still forgive them if they say sorry and still am friends with them if they realize they were wrong. There‘s a very few people that dislike me because I’m a friend to a lot. I don’t care if everyone else hates them; to me that does not mean I have to hate them too. My personality and the way I am are very unique I care for everyone even if I don’t know them; I try to always be there and give the right advice. Even if people think I’m weird I don’t ever think about partying, or drinking as being the best way to have fun. The group of girls I hang out with are such party people but that does not mean I have to do that to fit in because I’m always the person they call for advice and that makes me feel really good. I love to give them advice, I love when they come crying to me, I’m someone they can cry to, and I always try to be there even if all they do is cry on the phone till one in the morning. I don’t believe in fitting in because I’m sure everyone is better than that and I expect more of myself. But all of this does not mean I’m weak or I let myself, nope I’m a very strong person that’s been thru a lot and don’t let people talk to me wrong because I give respect and need to get that back, I let people teach me so I can become better and like to be heard also.

        The nicest thing I’ve done is; not that long ago me and two friends were going to the mall and on our way over there we seen a old lady trying to cross the street (on Coors by MacDonald’s) with two boxes that looked very heavy (no lie) so I got out of the car on a red light and went to help her carry the boxes and press the button to help us cross. We cross the road and help her in her car with the boxes (: Then my friends picked me up at MacDonald’s, she was so thankful and wanted to give me money but I didn’t help her for money and didn’t get the money. My friends were kind of surprise and said “That was really nice Sandy” but most of all it was my heart talking to me. I felt really good.

         I’m very good person at heart and love to motivate people and give advice. I really want people, friends and family to remember one day as someone inspiring, someone that was herself, unique, and someone motivating to them. I’m a model to my little brother and I want him to remember me as someone that showed him the right path, and that always pushed him to do his best. I want my friends to remember me as someone that never care about fitting in, someone that love to see them smile and laugh, but someone that was there to cry with them also and give them a good advice. I want them to remember me as someone that never traded their friendship for nothing and never turn my back on any one. I want people to remember me as a dreamer, as a good person, as someone who will give a hand to who she can, someone that will never judge someone unless I was perfect and someone who love the world just the way it was.

         To me uniqueness is the key to everything, you are never going to think exactly alike from someone else and that’s why I believe everyone has the gift of being unique in their own way. We are full of gifts but we all use them differently. We are always going to regret no doing something not smiling enough or crying too much but we are all going to love life no matter what!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Subject-Verb Quiz

On the Quiz on Subject-Verb I got:
1st time: 11 right and 2 wrong
2nd time: 13 right!

How To Clean Your Yard

Cleaning my yard is something I know how to do well. If one of you will be interested in cleaning your yard this will be the pressure you will have to fallow.

First you are going to get the materials needed: a hose, broom needed to clean yards, trash bags hand gloves, a shovel (just in case there’s dead plants to take out), a cloth, and ENERGY. You will start by putting your gloves on, and then you are going to water the dirt using hose, sounds weird but it’s needed because you don’t want dust all over your eyes or the place. They you will start cleaning; sweeping and piling the trash. You will pick up the big pieces of trash with your hands (gloves on). After cleaning your whole yard and piling the trash you are going to pick it up. Using the shovel or something else you wish to use, pick up the trash piles and throw it inside the bags (have someone help you open the bags if is too hard to do both things at the time). Then it will start looking clean already but you are obviously not done. Next step is, take out death plants with shovel. Look around your yard to find any unnecessary plants, death plants (yellowish) or maybe just sticks that are buried from other death plants. Use shovel and dig a hole next to the death plant and using your hands pull it and make a pile collecting all of them. After your yard has no death or unnecessary plants then use your hand and throw them in a new bag. Next, you are going to use a wet cloth to clean plants leaves, starting with trees. Don’t do it if you have very tall trees, you will get hurt. Then you are going to clean plants leaves, if you have the special cleaning spray for plants use it. Next, you are going to use the shovel again and make like a little dig around trees and plant kind of like this:
Then you are going to water the trees and plants all around your yard. Finally you are going to turn off the water, put it away, then collect all of you materials and put them away. Then, wash gloves to be use again and take them off. Wash your hands for a couple of seconds and make sure they are clean. After you follow this pressure then you can go tell your mom to pay up, just kidding you go tell them their yard and plants are clean (:

Alphabet Essay

           Animals and people destroying the Mother Nature’s life, is what I’m going to talk about. Bears are my favorite; they live in forests in many parts of North America. Chickens are funny looking to me but still like them, they are most of the time found in farms. Dolphins are the most beautiful thing under the ocean; they live in all oceans of the planet and even in some important rivers. Elephants are the funniest to watch at the zoo, but they don’t come from here; they live in Africa and Asia. Fishes and other creatures is what the spill oil is killing, I believe every creature is important and we should do something to stop this. Goldfish is also one of my favorite under the sea; they are a very cool fish. Horses are the best thing in earth, I love to ride them, take care of them and just love them. Insects is something I somewhat dislike, but I understand that if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have air to breath. Jaguars are so cute, even though they are so scary at the same time; they live Arizona, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, Venezuela, and more continents. Kiwi is a type of bird, the amazing part is they grow in an egg (and come out of an egg.
            Life was made for every single creature in the world and people instead of being grateful for it just try to get as much money they could get out of it and we are the ones killing the world. Mountains are full trees, trees that are being cut down or burn. No dinosaurs are left but we still have a lot of other creatures to take care of because we can’t let them all die, and people don’t see how important that is. On the Gulf of Mexico right now creatures are dying right now because of the oil spill but I don’t see any one trying to do something about it, or at least someone move! People need to start moving to be heard and give a hand to Mother Nature just like the Mother Nature gives us life. Queen Bee I wonder if they are alive in the Gulf of Mexico if there is any. Rivers are just as important as an ocean or a sea; at the end everything that has life is important and Rivers give life to many creatures also that live under water; but again people are contaminating them and I’ve seen it. Support, a voice and help is what we need to stop killing what will only affect us because it gives earth life. The importance of this is still not seen in people; or I should say us because we are as guilty for staying quiet and let everything happen. Unity is what we need, get our voices together and connect our ideas to come up with a better plan. Violence won’t take us any where that’s why we need to choose our battles and be intelligent about everything we do. We need to do it now though before is too late. Xtra courage, help, support and unity is needed. You are part of this, we are part of this, let’s move. Zealous is what we need to be and get up to protect what’s the beauty of our world.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Me

Hello, my name is Neaveh Castañeda and I have moved here to Paris from Albuquerque to start a brand new life. I was born in Mazatlan, Mexico. I am 19 years old and I attend University of Paris. My dream is to become a counselor to help out people mentally. I’m meeting new people and we are now living in the house of our dreams. I have three sisters and two brothers. My dad is an owner of his own fencing company and my mom is now going to get her diploma as a kinder garden teacher. I’m the oldest so I’m setting up the example. I try to motivate my brothers who are 15 and 17 years old. My sisters are 18, 10, and 7 years old and I’m also helping them out. I have a new car also is a Cadillac SLS. I’m working at the moment at star bucks to get money for my university and to buy my brother a car. I live by a beautiful river called Seine River. My favorite places to go are Galleries Lafayette, Bvlgari a boutique and love to be at the center. I attend Club Med Gym also. Paris has been my dream ever since I was 8 years old. The house I live in is also a dream come true it has eight rooms, an outdoor pool next to the view of the beautiful view of the river full of light and flowers, trees and nature.

I am also a photographer at the moment and I don't do it for money I do it but c’mon who wouldn’t become a photographer in a place like this one. Full of beauty and light. I am very grateful for every single thing I have. My family is just the best and I have everything I’ve every wished for. I also have a boyfriend named Miguel and we are planning to get married in the Paris tower in about seven months. He is also an amazing guy in my life. We are buying a house full of trees and green because that is also one of my dreams. It’s going to be yellow . We will continue working for what we want.
Favorite food: Vinegar Chicken Saute and of course French cookies. Shopping is something I love to do here and of course taking pictures of fabulous attraction. I live my life a different way I try to connect with nature and take care of our environment. I’m also full of dreams I want to make a foundation which I will call “Give a Hand” that will be helping homeless people have a shelter home for those who need it and also will be letting them have a job. The people that attend the shelter home will have everything they need; clothes, food, nice beds, and even a library. These people will be working for me also; their job will be to clean communities, help people plant trees in their communities and will be sent out of state to places like Albuquerque and other cities to do the same. And they will receive the help they need. I will move this foundation to small cities and will work hard for what I want. My dream is also sent the message of loving Mother Nature and that is a gift to be respected and loved.
I'm a new person now, I've also mature, my dreams are come true now and I love the new life I'm taking. Here in Paris!!

Commas Quiz

First time I did it: 67%
Second time i did it: 86%
Third time I did it: 94%

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Murder Mystery


A girl was found with her daughter dead in their own apartment. Neighbors and people who knew them said: “There has latterly no enemies, they were calm people the husband was a nice guy and loved his family more than anything” Is very hard for investigators to see or even find clues because they had no clue of who could’ve been.

Husband’s story:

“I got up early that yesterday’s morning to go to work, she has gotten up to make me breakfast” He then started crying and had to go to the hospital for health conditions. Then they got to interview again when he was doing better at the hospital he continued his story; What did you guys talk about yesterday’s morning? Was there an argument at all? Was there a Specific conversation? “No, sir” “She was actually very happy, with her beautiful smile and she didn’t even look tired”. Where do you work? “I work at the University of Santa Fe. What do you do? I’m a security at the food center. If you have such a good job, why did you have your wife and kid living at an apartment? “Well, I’m not sure; we liked to live there, it was a good environment, calm and just a peaceful place to live. –Peaceful? Your wife and 3 year old baby were killed in this peaceful place. “Yeah, I guess it wasn’t what I thought” –At what time did you get home? “Around 5:30” He then started feeling sick again and had to wait a few minutes. After 43 minutes the interview continues. –“Did she have enemies, people that dislike her, or problems with anyone? “She did not have enemies but there her family somewhat dislike her” Do you know why? Did she have any communication with them, fight lately? “No sir” “Well actually there was one about a month ago; there was an argument between her sister and her sister”. “What was the reason?” “Do you know?” “No sir”. “Then continue with yesterday please” . . . “When I got home, my baby will always come to the door and try to walk to me” “It did not happen, the silence of the apartment scared me, it was not normal” “I then walked to walked to our room….” “Tears coming out” “I didn’t see them” I then seen the closet open and a strange smell” I opened the closet and my wife and son were dead!!!” “My son lying on top of my wife bleeding” “I knew they have been stab because their cuts were from a knife”. “It was horrible sir” Screaming and crying. “We are here to help you” “thank you for your time and hope you get well”.

The investigators then went to the victim’s parents’ house. The interview starts. “Hell, we are here to interview you about your daughter being killed at her own apartment with her three year old son” “yes we were actually waiting to be heard” the crying starts and there are people inside screaming, crying, devastating situation. “We will now start, can we come in” “Yes, please do” tears coming out. “You got to help us” “My daughter and grandson are gone!!” –“Yes and I’m really sorry for that please be calm we got to start with the questions” “Okay, go ahead”. “When was the last time you talked to her” “I seen her at the store two months ago and that was the last time I saw her” “Are you trying to say there was no communication between the two of you Mrs. Romero?” “Yes, ever since she got married there was nearly no communication between us”. “For her wedding she was so happy and in love”. “They went to live at that apartment 4 years ago and then she got pregnant a few month later, and things changed” Mr. Romero interrupted “Yes, that Jose changed her” (Jose: husband) “She wasn’t the happy Brenda I knew, she seem unhappy and very depressed” Sister walks in. “Who is this mom?” “We are here to investigate Brenda and Brenda’s three year old murder” “How do you know it was a murder?” “What if she was tired of her husband a committed suicide?” –“Excuse me? But why would she be tired of her husband” “Because he’s always been a bitch to her!” The cry then begun. Investigators then started writing notes. “Take note of this!!” she screamed “She couldn’t have any communication with us, she couldn’t go out and she will just suffer knowing that she had to stay with him” “please slow down, how do you know this” “She called me a couple of times crying from the neighbor in the corner of her house” “He will be the only old women that could help her, the other neighbors were to scared of Jose and will ignore everything”. The investigators now knew there was a problem and had to go interview the old women. They knocked and knocked but no one answer the door, they then had to break the door and go inside her apartment. They then found her also dead in the closet the same way Brenda was murder. They then had enough clues.

Jose gets interview again.

“Hello, Jose is you feeling better?” “Yes sir. Thank you; but I’m more than mad right now” “you guys have been investigating, for weeks now! Where is the killer, who killed my wife and baby? HUH!!! WHO??” screaming and crying was heard inside his room. “We have found clues now, and we are working harder on it” Now tell me “If I was to call your work, will they tell me you were there working Wednesday from 8:00a.m to 5:15p.m?” “Yes sir” he then started to appear fear. “Let’s do it then” then they started dialing “Yes, I will like to make an appointment with you for an interview” “about what?” “About Brenda Castaneda and her three year old son Jose Jr. Castaneda’s murder Wednesday June 23” “Yes of course be here tomorrow morning” “We will be there”. “So Jose, you do know that your neighbor Mrs. Henderson was also killed yesterday the same way your family was killed”. “Wow, that’s choking and no sir I did not know. The investigators saw nothing but fear in his eyes.


Brenda and Jose Jr. Castaneda were murder by Jose Castaneda Husband of Brenda and Father of Jose Jr. Juliet Henderson was also killed my Jose. Jose never showed up to work that Wednesday. He had his wife suffering and when she was really tired of him she said she was leaving him, so he decided to kill them a cruel way. He is now in jail and will be there for 25 years.

Recognizing Nouns

First time: 20 right

Prepositions Quiz

I took the quizz three times.
Second: 13
Third: 15

Monday, June 7, 2010

To Do List

To do:

• Have no lower than a 3.5 GPA for the rest of high school

• Graduate from high school

• Spend all my saved money at Las vegas and New York

• Get a job and become a better person

• Take the test to attend college

• Keep on working hard

• Become independent

• Start College

• Work hard for every single thing I want

• Get serious with my partner

• Stay working

• Save money to get married

• Buy a house

• Get married

• Stay in college

• Begin a family (I want three kids)

• Leave job to have time for my family

• Stay close to my family and friends

• Keep attending college and have good grades

• Go back to work after awhile

• Stay independent

• Work to help my parents out and give them back what they've given me

• Graduate from college

• Become a nurse or a counselor

• Teach my kids to work for what they want

• Be the best I can everyday

• Share what I have with family and love them

No one will ever tell me can't. My to do list is my plans to the future and I will only accomplish this by never giving up and trying my best at all times. However with what's going on in the world right now is not going to help a lot. I want to be someone good in life, and just be better and better. First, junior and senior year; I want to stay with a GPA 3.4 or higher throughout the whole year. I want to graduate from the high school and go to a trip to Las Vegas and then to New York. After a great summer at Las Vegas and New York I want to get back on track and start working. I want to apply like at wal-mart for the time and save up money again. After at least 3 months then I will start college. I want to focus on college and work for awhile.

After like a least 2 years attending college I want to start getting serious about my relationship and start saving money for a wedding with my boyfriend. I want to stay in college and working to buy a house with my boyfriend. Although I know is easy to say and probably very hard to do I know I can. After buying a house and saving money I would like to get married (: I want to go to Paris for our honeymoon and continue college online for at least two months. Then, I want to graduate from college as a nurse and start working as one! After my life gets settled with money, husband, house and working wise I will like to began with our family, I want to have my first kid when I’m 25 and have two more after. I will continue working hard to have a better home, help out parents and help out with the bills. I want to be a good mom and live my job for a year every time I have a baby so I can spend time with them and be there the first year of their lives completely.

After my family is done, I want to continue doing the best I can and be a good wife and mother. I want to teach my kids manners, have them get involved with sports and I want to show them how to learn from life. I will show them the gift of appreciation and work hard for what they want. After years of working, giving my kids the best, and helping out family (parents) I will like to still be able to spend time with friends and family, love them every single day of my life and be the best I can, I will love to retire and do something else aside for extra money for my house. Then I will know I will leave my kids and grandsons a better future (:

Friday, June 4, 2010


The beauty is ours

We are killing it
The movie Avatar is very good movie that can really change a person’s thinking about our environment. The main plot of this movie is learning about the environment and how we are destroying our own planet; and I say us because if you’re not doing something to stop it then you are part of it. The movies Avatar is related to many causes on the website The cause Animals is related to this movie, this is because in the movie Avatar we seen that animals were being killed. When Jake got to the forest (now as an avatar but still thinking like a human) the dragons attacked him and they ended up dead. My point is their land, their forest what right do we have to go and kill them in their own land, on the website they are talking about rescue, saving, taking care of animals and helping them that’s not what they do in the movie. In Avatar the girl that helps him Neytiri shows him that the dragons or animals didn’t have to die. You can’t just go some to where they live and kill someone because they attack you; they don’t know you, because you are in their forest attacking them anyways.

Another cause that is related to the Avatar movie is Environment. The environment to me is one of the main causes that go with the movie. I the Avatar movie we seen that is us that are killing the people, meaning if we are against the environment we are against each other because “ we are the eyes of earth”. If don’t take care of our earth we are going to kill ourselves. The movie Avatar shows that one day they are going to do something about it they are going to fight back and stop us from what we do to them every day. On it let us know that is an everyday thing that we do contamination, burning down forest, cutting trees and we kill the creatures that live there also.

The other cause that goes really well with this movie is criminal justice and it’s very easy to see why. Killing living things, animals, people, plants, trees and the environment to get money out of it is a CRIME! And we are each other’s enemy. Why? Because “they depend on our silence” we don’t do anything to stop them. They are criminals that think of themselves as being so smart when they are actually the dumb ones, they don’t see that one day like in the movie Avatar everything is going to come back to them. Cutting trees makes wood which to them is money, the oil they get, the bones from the dead creatures to them is money and that’s a crime. They show a very specific lesson in the movie Avatar, one day our environment is going to talk back to us; and just how people kill our forest and just everything they kill for money the environment is going to kill is. And it’s going to happen one day and is the day when we are going to realize the silence is just as bad as killing.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Scary Story

My dad is from a Pueblo in Mexico called Las Varas, is a very small town in Chihuahua. They will bury the dead people in a cemetery close to the entrance of the little town. Every time they will buried someone they will go back and look at the body buried months later, this was because they believe they will just totally disappear under ground. Every person about to die wouldn't want to be buried there because the bodies will disappear within days. It was a very scary situation. People then had begun investigating because to them it was very strange.

Then they found out there was a huge snake underground that decades ago was mansion by many but nobody believed in it. The bodies underground were eaten by this snake underground and she will just leave one or two bone with nothing else. This snake will never come out only at nights and investigators had evidence. They found a book about it all, it said that this snake came out many years ago and killed many and now she was coming back to eat everybody underground and come out after the ones still alive if they were to stop burring bodies. The legend said that underground there was many of this snakes sleeping but that one day they will wake up and come to kill the whole town. People started to move out of town and it will make it worse for the ones staying, because there were people that didn't believe in this at all. My dad said that they couldn't stop burring bodies because that will make the snake mad and come out to destroy the town. People that didn't believe in this will still have concerns because people were just leaving the town and there were only about 700 people left in town. They will notice the weird silence at nights and started to wonder what if is real? Are we going to die?

The situation will just get worse and worse, the legend say that the only few people left died eventually and this town no longer exists. Now investigators wonder if this town was killed by this snake underground, little by little or if people just died and they also wonder if these snakes are still alive underground waiting to wake up and kill more? The silence you hear at night? The people you bury underground? Should make you think about this. Will you ever unbury someone's body? Will you disappear underground in days? Have you ever thought about underground animals alive that will one day come destroy us?          

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Life Is Precious♥

Life is precious to me in many ways. I believe I'm here to make a change in the world or at least in my world. Believing is one of my gifts; I believe in myself and I believe I can accomplish all of my dreams and dreaming is another gift. Life gives it all to us, so we should give it all to our lives. I respect people and deserve the respect back. I'm unique, I'm myself I don't try to be someone I'm not. I see people everyday acting like dumb asses just to try to fit in to be "cool" or try to be someone that they will never be, and I have the gift to see that in a person, although I still give them the respect because they are going to learn one day how to be to be themselves and stand alone. You are not always going t o have the people or friends that you have today and the day is going to come the day when you are going to have to be independent speak for yourself and be yourself or you will never go on life. I'm a very sincere person and I say what I think, I share ideas and I listen and learn also and that is also a gift. I think all of these things make me unique but I'm absolutely not perfect but who is? I'm very stubborn, I always want things to go my way, I will fight for who I love and cry if I was to lose them. I have the gift of having a wonderful family and the gift to love and be loved. I never take for grouted things, if opportunities are thrown at me, I take every single one of them and be grateful for it. Learning about life is a hard thing to do but I have and that is my gift, although there is still way more to learn. I care for those who treat me right and forget about the rest, and I believe everything in life has a meaning and you find out the meaning as you live it. I have a life of purpose I wake up every morning for a reason, the sun is out and that is also for a reason. If I stuck there in the corner of my room, I look to the window and there is always light, both the sun’s, the moon or the stars but there’s always going to be light; and that is also for a reason. Never giving up is the key to everything; the gift of never giving up I also have, "if one door closes many will open later" my mom always tells me and I've learned to believe in it. Many people are going to hate you, try to put you down and that does not mean you’re going to stop there because they think they can't your going t o try to prove them wrong. When I was a freshman at Rio Grande H.S there was a teacher who told me I was going to drop out because I will never go to class and in other words she tried to tell me I was dumb. I reflected on what she told me, she had a point but I knew no matter what I will never drop out. I knew I did wrong by ditching her class i got my life straight and now I'm here with a 3.6 GPA and I proved her wrong people make mistakes but they call change and reflect on it and I'm myself a better person thanks to those mistakes (: I am who I want to be and that's why my life is precious.

"I Am"

I am a girl who believes in young love
I wonder if young love is forever
I hear his heart
I see us in the future together
I want to grow old with him
I am a girl who believes in young love

I pretend to be fearless
I feel my feelings growing stronger for him everyday
I touch his hand and wish to never let go
I worry to lose him
I cry through the rough times
I am a girl who believes in young love

I understand there's no definition for love
I say everyone sees "love" different
I dream to be next to him forever
I try to show him my feelings everyday
I hope it's real
I am a girl who believes in young love.

Summer Haiku

Sunny days, wonderful nights

Summer is in, school is out

Memories to make

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Oil Spill 2010

I'm a plant waiting for the oil to get to where I am.
The small has gotten to me I feel it really close. I see death creatures floating around and I feel afraid in side. The leaves to my body are here under water but it will not be here soon. The water I see is for now transparent and but it gets that foggy black dirtiness look. Where I’m standing is no hope, the creatures I see are desperate because this is really killing all of us. I cannot swim or run away from this in stuck here down this dirty water and soon death. I don’t know what it is this black water has taken over our clean, transparent water. And again I’m afraid, it gets closer and closer and I feel it on me already. It takes my breath away; my leaves are now dying and the creatures are running away from this disaster, but I can’t I’m stuck here practically waiting for my turn.