Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm Unique

 "Uniqueness is a gift and the key to everything"-Sandy (:
  People say I’m very unique and I really believe I am. I’m unique in many ways there are things that sets me apart from the crowd. I’m the kind of person that likes to herself and not care about the rest. I have the gift to forgive, people can hurt my feelings, hate me, talk bad about me and I still forgive them if they say sorry and still am friends with them if they realize they were wrong. There‘s a very few people that dislike me because I’m a friend to a lot. I don’t care if everyone else hates them; to me that does not mean I have to hate them too. My personality and the way I am are very unique I care for everyone even if I don’t know them; I try to always be there and give the right advice. Even if people think I’m weird I don’t ever think about partying, or drinking as being the best way to have fun. The group of girls I hang out with are such party people but that does not mean I have to do that to fit in because I’m always the person they call for advice and that makes me feel really good. I love to give them advice, I love when they come crying to me, I’m someone they can cry to, and I always try to be there even if all they do is cry on the phone till one in the morning. I don’t believe in fitting in because I’m sure everyone is better than that and I expect more of myself. But all of this does not mean I’m weak or I let myself, nope I’m a very strong person that’s been thru a lot and don’t let people talk to me wrong because I give respect and need to get that back, I let people teach me so I can become better and like to be heard also.

        The nicest thing I’ve done is; not that long ago me and two friends were going to the mall and on our way over there we seen a old lady trying to cross the street (on Coors by MacDonald’s) with two boxes that looked very heavy (no lie) so I got out of the car on a red light and went to help her carry the boxes and press the button to help us cross. We cross the road and help her in her car with the boxes (: Then my friends picked me up at MacDonald’s, she was so thankful and wanted to give me money but I didn’t help her for money and didn’t get the money. My friends were kind of surprise and said “That was really nice Sandy” but most of all it was my heart talking to me. I felt really good.

         I’m very good person at heart and love to motivate people and give advice. I really want people, friends and family to remember one day as someone inspiring, someone that was herself, unique, and someone motivating to them. I’m a model to my little brother and I want him to remember me as someone that showed him the right path, and that always pushed him to do his best. I want my friends to remember me as someone that never care about fitting in, someone that love to see them smile and laugh, but someone that was there to cry with them also and give them a good advice. I want them to remember me as someone that never traded their friendship for nothing and never turn my back on any one. I want people to remember me as a dreamer, as a good person, as someone who will give a hand to who she can, someone that will never judge someone unless I was perfect and someone who love the world just the way it was.

         To me uniqueness is the key to everything, you are never going to think exactly alike from someone else and that’s why I believe everyone has the gift of being unique in their own way. We are full of gifts but we all use them differently. We are always going to regret no doing something not smiling enough or crying too much but we are all going to love life no matter what!

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