Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Murder Mystery


A girl was found with her daughter dead in their own apartment. Neighbors and people who knew them said: “There has latterly no enemies, they were calm people the husband was a nice guy and loved his family more than anything” Is very hard for investigators to see or even find clues because they had no clue of who could’ve been.

Husband’s story:

“I got up early that yesterday’s morning to go to work, she has gotten up to make me breakfast” He then started crying and had to go to the hospital for health conditions. Then they got to interview again when he was doing better at the hospital he continued his story; What did you guys talk about yesterday’s morning? Was there an argument at all? Was there a Specific conversation? “No, sir” “She was actually very happy, with her beautiful smile and she didn’t even look tired”. Where do you work? “I work at the University of Santa Fe. What do you do? I’m a security at the food center. If you have such a good job, why did you have your wife and kid living at an apartment? “Well, I’m not sure; we liked to live there, it was a good environment, calm and just a peaceful place to live. –Peaceful? Your wife and 3 year old baby were killed in this peaceful place. “Yeah, I guess it wasn’t what I thought” –At what time did you get home? “Around 5:30” He then started feeling sick again and had to wait a few minutes. After 43 minutes the interview continues. –“Did she have enemies, people that dislike her, or problems with anyone? “She did not have enemies but there her family somewhat dislike her” Do you know why? Did she have any communication with them, fight lately? “No sir” “Well actually there was one about a month ago; there was an argument between her sister and her sister”. “What was the reason?” “Do you know?” “No sir”. “Then continue with yesterday please” . . . “When I got home, my baby will always come to the door and try to walk to me” “It did not happen, the silence of the apartment scared me, it was not normal” “I then walked to walked to our room….” “Tears coming out” “I didn’t see them” I then seen the closet open and a strange smell” I opened the closet and my wife and son were dead!!!” “My son lying on top of my wife bleeding” “I knew they have been stab because their cuts were from a knife”. “It was horrible sir” Screaming and crying. “We are here to help you” “thank you for your time and hope you get well”.

The investigators then went to the victim’s parents’ house. The interview starts. “Hell, we are here to interview you about your daughter being killed at her own apartment with her three year old son” “yes we were actually waiting to be heard” the crying starts and there are people inside screaming, crying, devastating situation. “We will now start, can we come in” “Yes, please do” tears coming out. “You got to help us” “My daughter and grandson are gone!!” –“Yes and I’m really sorry for that please be calm we got to start with the questions” “Okay, go ahead”. “When was the last time you talked to her” “I seen her at the store two months ago and that was the last time I saw her” “Are you trying to say there was no communication between the two of you Mrs. Romero?” “Yes, ever since she got married there was nearly no communication between us”. “For her wedding she was so happy and in love”. “They went to live at that apartment 4 years ago and then she got pregnant a few month later, and things changed” Mr. Romero interrupted “Yes, that Jose changed her” (Jose: husband) “She wasn’t the happy Brenda I knew, she seem unhappy and very depressed” Sister walks in. “Who is this mom?” “We are here to investigate Brenda and Brenda’s three year old murder” “How do you know it was a murder?” “What if she was tired of her husband a committed suicide?” –“Excuse me? But why would she be tired of her husband” “Because he’s always been a bitch to her!” The cry then begun. Investigators then started writing notes. “Take note of this!!” she screamed “She couldn’t have any communication with us, she couldn’t go out and she will just suffer knowing that she had to stay with him” “please slow down, how do you know this” “She called me a couple of times crying from the neighbor in the corner of her house” “He will be the only old women that could help her, the other neighbors were to scared of Jose and will ignore everything”. The investigators now knew there was a problem and had to go interview the old women. They knocked and knocked but no one answer the door, they then had to break the door and go inside her apartment. They then found her also dead in the closet the same way Brenda was murder. They then had enough clues.

Jose gets interview again.

“Hello, Jose is you feeling better?” “Yes sir. Thank you; but I’m more than mad right now” “you guys have been investigating, for weeks now! Where is the killer, who killed my wife and baby? HUH!!! WHO??” screaming and crying was heard inside his room. “We have found clues now, and we are working harder on it” Now tell me “If I was to call your work, will they tell me you were there working Wednesday from 8:00a.m to 5:15p.m?” “Yes sir” he then started to appear fear. “Let’s do it then” then they started dialing “Yes, I will like to make an appointment with you for an interview” “about what?” “About Brenda Castaneda and her three year old son Jose Jr. Castaneda’s murder Wednesday June 23” “Yes of course be here tomorrow morning” “We will be there”. “So Jose, you do know that your neighbor Mrs. Henderson was also killed yesterday the same way your family was killed”. “Wow, that’s choking and no sir I did not know. The investigators saw nothing but fear in his eyes.


Brenda and Jose Jr. Castaneda were murder by Jose Castaneda Husband of Brenda and Father of Jose Jr. Juliet Henderson was also killed my Jose. Jose never showed up to work that Wednesday. He had his wife suffering and when she was really tired of him she said she was leaving him, so he decided to kill them a cruel way. He is now in jail and will be there for 25 years.

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