Thursday, June 10, 2010

How To Clean Your Yard

Cleaning my yard is something I know how to do well. If one of you will be interested in cleaning your yard this will be the pressure you will have to fallow.

First you are going to get the materials needed: a hose, broom needed to clean yards, trash bags hand gloves, a shovel (just in case there’s dead plants to take out), a cloth, and ENERGY. You will start by putting your gloves on, and then you are going to water the dirt using hose, sounds weird but it’s needed because you don’t want dust all over your eyes or the place. They you will start cleaning; sweeping and piling the trash. You will pick up the big pieces of trash with your hands (gloves on). After cleaning your whole yard and piling the trash you are going to pick it up. Using the shovel or something else you wish to use, pick up the trash piles and throw it inside the bags (have someone help you open the bags if is too hard to do both things at the time). Then it will start looking clean already but you are obviously not done. Next step is, take out death plants with shovel. Look around your yard to find any unnecessary plants, death plants (yellowish) or maybe just sticks that are buried from other death plants. Use shovel and dig a hole next to the death plant and using your hands pull it and make a pile collecting all of them. After your yard has no death or unnecessary plants then use your hand and throw them in a new bag. Next, you are going to use a wet cloth to clean plants leaves, starting with trees. Don’t do it if you have very tall trees, you will get hurt. Then you are going to clean plants leaves, if you have the special cleaning spray for plants use it. Next, you are going to use the shovel again and make like a little dig around trees and plant kind of like this:
Then you are going to water the trees and plants all around your yard. Finally you are going to turn off the water, put it away, then collect all of you materials and put them away. Then, wash gloves to be use again and take them off. Wash your hands for a couple of seconds and make sure they are clean. After you follow this pressure then you can go tell your mom to pay up, just kidding you go tell them their yard and plants are clean (:

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