Thursday, June 10, 2010

Alphabet Essay

           Animals and people destroying the Mother Nature’s life, is what I’m going to talk about. Bears are my favorite; they live in forests in many parts of North America. Chickens are funny looking to me but still like them, they are most of the time found in farms. Dolphins are the most beautiful thing under the ocean; they live in all oceans of the planet and even in some important rivers. Elephants are the funniest to watch at the zoo, but they don’t come from here; they live in Africa and Asia. Fishes and other creatures is what the spill oil is killing, I believe every creature is important and we should do something to stop this. Goldfish is also one of my favorite under the sea; they are a very cool fish. Horses are the best thing in earth, I love to ride them, take care of them and just love them. Insects is something I somewhat dislike, but I understand that if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have air to breath. Jaguars are so cute, even though they are so scary at the same time; they live Arizona, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, Venezuela, and more continents. Kiwi is a type of bird, the amazing part is they grow in an egg (and come out of an egg.
            Life was made for every single creature in the world and people instead of being grateful for it just try to get as much money they could get out of it and we are the ones killing the world. Mountains are full trees, trees that are being cut down or burn. No dinosaurs are left but we still have a lot of other creatures to take care of because we can’t let them all die, and people don’t see how important that is. On the Gulf of Mexico right now creatures are dying right now because of the oil spill but I don’t see any one trying to do something about it, or at least someone move! People need to start moving to be heard and give a hand to Mother Nature just like the Mother Nature gives us life. Queen Bee I wonder if they are alive in the Gulf of Mexico if there is any. Rivers are just as important as an ocean or a sea; at the end everything that has life is important and Rivers give life to many creatures also that live under water; but again people are contaminating them and I’ve seen it. Support, a voice and help is what we need to stop killing what will only affect us because it gives earth life. The importance of this is still not seen in people; or I should say us because we are as guilty for staying quiet and let everything happen. Unity is what we need, get our voices together and connect our ideas to come up with a better plan. Violence won’t take us any where that’s why we need to choose our battles and be intelligent about everything we do. We need to do it now though before is too late. Xtra courage, help, support and unity is needed. You are part of this, we are part of this, let’s move. Zealous is what we need to be and get up to protect what’s the beauty of our world.

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