Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Life Is Precious♥

Life is precious to me in many ways. I believe I'm here to make a change in the world or at least in my world. Believing is one of my gifts; I believe in myself and I believe I can accomplish all of my dreams and dreaming is another gift. Life gives it all to us, so we should give it all to our lives. I respect people and deserve the respect back. I'm unique, I'm myself I don't try to be someone I'm not. I see people everyday acting like dumb asses just to try to fit in to be "cool" or try to be someone that they will never be, and I have the gift to see that in a person, although I still give them the respect because they are going to learn one day how to be to be themselves and stand alone. You are not always going t o have the people or friends that you have today and the day is going to come the day when you are going to have to be independent speak for yourself and be yourself or you will never go on life. I'm a very sincere person and I say what I think, I share ideas and I listen and learn also and that is also a gift. I think all of these things make me unique but I'm absolutely not perfect but who is? I'm very stubborn, I always want things to go my way, I will fight for who I love and cry if I was to lose them. I have the gift of having a wonderful family and the gift to love and be loved. I never take for grouted things, if opportunities are thrown at me, I take every single one of them and be grateful for it. Learning about life is a hard thing to do but I have and that is my gift, although there is still way more to learn. I care for those who treat me right and forget about the rest, and I believe everything in life has a meaning and you find out the meaning as you live it. I have a life of purpose I wake up every morning for a reason, the sun is out and that is also for a reason. If I stuck there in the corner of my room, I look to the window and there is always light, both the sun’s, the moon or the stars but there’s always going to be light; and that is also for a reason. Never giving up is the key to everything; the gift of never giving up I also have, "if one door closes many will open later" my mom always tells me and I've learned to believe in it. Many people are going to hate you, try to put you down and that does not mean you’re going to stop there because they think they can't your going t o try to prove them wrong. When I was a freshman at Rio Grande H.S there was a teacher who told me I was going to drop out because I will never go to class and in other words she tried to tell me I was dumb. I reflected on what she told me, she had a point but I knew no matter what I will never drop out. I knew I did wrong by ditching her class i got my life straight and now I'm here with a 3.6 GPA and I proved her wrong people make mistakes but they call change and reflect on it and I'm myself a better person thanks to those mistakes (: I am who I want to be and that's why my life is precious.

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