Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Scary Story

My dad is from a Pueblo in Mexico called Las Varas, is a very small town in Chihuahua. They will bury the dead people in a cemetery close to the entrance of the little town. Every time they will buried someone they will go back and look at the body buried months later, this was because they believe they will just totally disappear under ground. Every person about to die wouldn't want to be buried there because the bodies will disappear within days. It was a very scary situation. People then had begun investigating because to them it was very strange.

Then they found out there was a huge snake underground that decades ago was mansion by many but nobody believed in it. The bodies underground were eaten by this snake underground and she will just leave one or two bone with nothing else. This snake will never come out only at nights and investigators had evidence. They found a book about it all, it said that this snake came out many years ago and killed many and now she was coming back to eat everybody underground and come out after the ones still alive if they were to stop burring bodies. The legend said that underground there was many of this snakes sleeping but that one day they will wake up and come to kill the whole town. People started to move out of town and it will make it worse for the ones staying, because there were people that didn't believe in this at all. My dad said that they couldn't stop burring bodies because that will make the snake mad and come out to destroy the town. People that didn't believe in this will still have concerns because people were just leaving the town and there were only about 700 people left in town. They will notice the weird silence at nights and started to wonder what if is real? Are we going to die?

The situation will just get worse and worse, the legend say that the only few people left died eventually and this town no longer exists. Now investigators wonder if this town was killed by this snake underground, little by little or if people just died and they also wonder if these snakes are still alive underground waiting to wake up and kill more? The silence you hear at night? The people you bury underground? Should make you think about this. Will you ever unbury someone's body? Will you disappear underground in days? Have you ever thought about underground animals alive that will one day come destroy us?          

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