Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Last Essay.

In this short period of time, summer school taught me a lot. I learn the importance of the environmental life, the importance to have a voice, the importance of the creatures around the world, the importance of wild life in the Gulf; I learned about the Oil Spill. I learn the difference between Republicans and Democrats. I learned about creativity, uniqueness and more about the web CHANGE.ORG.

I learned about the importance of the environment, we need to stop thinking it belongs to us. Mr. Leh taught us all the lesson about the thought of human who think it belongs to us. “We are the earth’s eyes” the earth looks through our eyes and we would be nothing if the environment messes up. People seem to not understand the importance of our voice and that’s also something I learned here, if people don’t start moving and ignores the problems going on in the world for example, the Oil Spill we are going to kill the planet. Silence is just as bad as killing, creatures are dying in the Gulf because of the people who think are smart when they are actually so stupid for killing themselves in other words. The people in Earth are killing the planet; raping it and no one cares! Also, learning about the CHANGE.ORG web was really important, my class mates and I learned that we can make our voice count by voting. There will be a subject for example, environment and a case; on the side there’s causes or petitions for example “Save all the animals in the forest by setting up a system that will work for all” You will vote if you agree and you will be making your voice count. This votes and petitions are sent to the governor.

This class was a really interesting one. Creativity was the key to every assignment and Mr. Leh taught us the importance of it; something is never too weird or dumb it was all based on your creativity. I also learned about the difference between a Republicans and Democrats. Republicans are the ones who really don’t care about the poor or homeless; they live in the pretty houses and if you don’t have a house or something to eat “too bad;” work for it. Democrats pay for taxes so the homeless people have something like a shelter home or donations so they can eat. Democrats are most likely to never vote for a republican president.

The Avatar movie thought us all a message. This is something I also learned; we are raping the planet and killing what we can just to get money out of it, but have you ever thought about the environment talking back to us? One day this will happen and just like we killed many creatures, plants animals and take advantage; one day it will come back to us and is going to kill us all. Why? Because we don’t care about the consequences we just care about the money, but we really don’t see that we are killing ourselves because when they fight back we are all going to die.

I found out a lot about myself, I learned to be creative and unique. I learned that I love planet Earth and that we need to get moving. I learned that I have a voice and it will only be heard if I let it count. I grew as a person a lot; I think I became a better writer and that I actually care about a lot of things because I want my kids to get to see the beauty of the environment. Finally i learned that a teacher who loves their job can teach you a lot and time is not an obstacle.

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