Monday, June 14, 2010

Persuasive Uniform Essay

-Disagree with the Uniform Policy

The idea of requiring uniforms in High schools is probably not a good one. After so many years of using them and will probably use them when we get a job is not fair we have to use them throughout our whole entire school years. Uniforms is something not everyone can afford to buy and will be difficult for some families. Students these days are just trying to find an excuse to drop out many, believe it or not, will drop out because of this.

The first reason why we shouldn’t have to wear uniforms is because the waste of money. There’s going to be families that will not have the money to buy uniforms, or to replace them when they rip. This idea might make people want to move or to not even send students to school. Another reason why this idea is not a really good one is the students dropping out situation. I know a lot of students who are just waiting for an excuse to drop out and this idea will definitely be something they will argue about. This idea will make everyone very unhappy and will start losing students. Something I see really important is that students are tired of uniforms, ever since we started, school kinder garden-middle school we’ve been wearing uniforms and yes, it definitely gets tiring and dumb after all these years. People seem to understand really well why we should wear uniforms but they should also understand the other side of things.

Students should be able to have a saying in this idea. The solution will be to talk to the students and their families to hear their opinion, also because students like to be able to wear what they like; express their personalities by clothing and you will be taking it away from us! We come to school, try to do the best we can, and I believe we at least deserve to decided whether we want to wear uniforms or not. We are here to follow the rules and we already follow the school dress code, but I think is unfair that we cannot choose what we want to wear.

-Agree with the Uniform Policy

The use of Uniforms is something that will help us all. Parents everyday worry about how their daughters wear too short skirts, shirts, and shorts. Girls and boys take advantage of the privilege of letting students wear whatever they wish too wear. Not everybody follows the rules and is only making themselves look bad and their school. Schools can help parents with the uniforms, to those who need the help. Administration and teacher will probably be pleased because they don’t want their girls to be showing them their boobs or the boys sagging too much and showing their butts.

Uniforms help reduce gang activity and prevent less dress codes issues. Why is administration going to waste their time giving the people that don’t follow the dress code referrals, instead of just focusing on what they have to do? Going around looking for short shorts, shirts that show too much cleavage or pants that are too saggy is no fun. The uniforms help the school look better because you will be representing respect in other words, and students won’t have to spend minutes or even hours to try to figure out what they are going to wear the next day. This idea will help everyone. Parents will only buy a few shirts and pants for the whole year instead of 50 pretty shirts and 30 pair of jeans and blah blah, they will only be worry about the shoes and stuff like that. But again the idea is great! Schools will be very pleased with this decision and parents will too. Students will probably wine about it at first but at the end they will see that it’s easier anyways and that they won’t have to worry so much or spend hundreds of dollars buying all the pretty stuff; when you wouldn’t have to worry because you and all your friends will look pretty and with uniforms. Definitely this will be a very good way to save money for parents and time from students and administration. Uniforms will also help students learn life by respecting the rules and looking always professional.

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