Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Me

Hello, my name is Neaveh Castañeda and I have moved here to Paris from Albuquerque to start a brand new life. I was born in Mazatlan, Mexico. I am 19 years old and I attend University of Paris. My dream is to become a counselor to help out people mentally. I’m meeting new people and we are now living in the house of our dreams. I have three sisters and two brothers. My dad is an owner of his own fencing company and my mom is now going to get her diploma as a kinder garden teacher. I’m the oldest so I’m setting up the example. I try to motivate my brothers who are 15 and 17 years old. My sisters are 18, 10, and 7 years old and I’m also helping them out. I have a new car also is a Cadillac SLS. I’m working at the moment at star bucks to get money for my university and to buy my brother a car. I live by a beautiful river called Seine River. My favorite places to go are Galleries Lafayette, Bvlgari a boutique and love to be at the center. I attend Club Med Gym also. Paris has been my dream ever since I was 8 years old. The house I live in is also a dream come true it has eight rooms, an outdoor pool next to the view of the beautiful view of the river full of light and flowers, trees and nature.

I am also a photographer at the moment and I don't do it for money I do it but c’mon who wouldn’t become a photographer in a place like this one. Full of beauty and light. I am very grateful for every single thing I have. My family is just the best and I have everything I’ve every wished for. I also have a boyfriend named Miguel and we are planning to get married in the Paris tower in about seven months. He is also an amazing guy in my life. We are buying a house full of trees and green because that is also one of my dreams. It’s going to be yellow . We will continue working for what we want.
Favorite food: Vinegar Chicken Saute and of course French cookies. Shopping is something I love to do here and of course taking pictures of fabulous attraction. I live my life a different way I try to connect with nature and take care of our environment. I’m also full of dreams I want to make a foundation which I will call “Give a Hand” that will be helping homeless people have a shelter home for those who need it and also will be letting them have a job. The people that attend the shelter home will have everything they need; clothes, food, nice beds, and even a library. These people will be working for me also; their job will be to clean communities, help people plant trees in their communities and will be sent out of state to places like Albuquerque and other cities to do the same. And they will receive the help they need. I will move this foundation to small cities and will work hard for what I want. My dream is also sent the message of loving Mother Nature and that is a gift to be respected and loved.
I'm a new person now, I've also mature, my dreams are come true now and I love the new life I'm taking. Here in Paris!!

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