Monday, June 7, 2010

To Do List

To do:

• Have no lower than a 3.5 GPA for the rest of high school

• Graduate from high school

• Spend all my saved money at Las vegas and New York

• Get a job and become a better person

• Take the test to attend college

• Keep on working hard

• Become independent

• Start College

• Work hard for every single thing I want

• Get serious with my partner

• Stay working

• Save money to get married

• Buy a house

• Get married

• Stay in college

• Begin a family (I want three kids)

• Leave job to have time for my family

• Stay close to my family and friends

• Keep attending college and have good grades

• Go back to work after awhile

• Stay independent

• Work to help my parents out and give them back what they've given me

• Graduate from college

• Become a nurse or a counselor

• Teach my kids to work for what they want

• Be the best I can everyday

• Share what I have with family and love them

No one will ever tell me can't. My to do list is my plans to the future and I will only accomplish this by never giving up and trying my best at all times. However with what's going on in the world right now is not going to help a lot. I want to be someone good in life, and just be better and better. First, junior and senior year; I want to stay with a GPA 3.4 or higher throughout the whole year. I want to graduate from the high school and go to a trip to Las Vegas and then to New York. After a great summer at Las Vegas and New York I want to get back on track and start working. I want to apply like at wal-mart for the time and save up money again. After at least 3 months then I will start college. I want to focus on college and work for awhile.

After like a least 2 years attending college I want to start getting serious about my relationship and start saving money for a wedding with my boyfriend. I want to stay in college and working to buy a house with my boyfriend. Although I know is easy to say and probably very hard to do I know I can. After buying a house and saving money I would like to get married (: I want to go to Paris for our honeymoon and continue college online for at least two months. Then, I want to graduate from college as a nurse and start working as one! After my life gets settled with money, husband, house and working wise I will like to began with our family, I want to have my first kid when I’m 25 and have two more after. I will continue working hard to have a better home, help out parents and help out with the bills. I want to be a good mom and live my job for a year every time I have a baby so I can spend time with them and be there the first year of their lives completely.

After my family is done, I want to continue doing the best I can and be a good wife and mother. I want to teach my kids manners, have them get involved with sports and I want to show them how to learn from life. I will show them the gift of appreciation and work hard for what they want. After years of working, giving my kids the best, and helping out family (parents) I will like to still be able to spend time with friends and family, love them every single day of my life and be the best I can, I will love to retire and do something else aside for extra money for my house. Then I will know I will leave my kids and grandsons a better future (:

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