Friday, June 4, 2010


The beauty is ours

We are killing it
The movie Avatar is very good movie that can really change a person’s thinking about our environment. The main plot of this movie is learning about the environment and how we are destroying our own planet; and I say us because if you’re not doing something to stop it then you are part of it. The movies Avatar is related to many causes on the website The cause Animals is related to this movie, this is because in the movie Avatar we seen that animals were being killed. When Jake got to the forest (now as an avatar but still thinking like a human) the dragons attacked him and they ended up dead. My point is their land, their forest what right do we have to go and kill them in their own land, on the website they are talking about rescue, saving, taking care of animals and helping them that’s not what they do in the movie. In Avatar the girl that helps him Neytiri shows him that the dragons or animals didn’t have to die. You can’t just go some to where they live and kill someone because they attack you; they don’t know you, because you are in their forest attacking them anyways.

Another cause that is related to the Avatar movie is Environment. The environment to me is one of the main causes that go with the movie. I the Avatar movie we seen that is us that are killing the people, meaning if we are against the environment we are against each other because “ we are the eyes of earth”. If don’t take care of our earth we are going to kill ourselves. The movie Avatar shows that one day they are going to do something about it they are going to fight back and stop us from what we do to them every day. On it let us know that is an everyday thing that we do contamination, burning down forest, cutting trees and we kill the creatures that live there also.

The other cause that goes really well with this movie is criminal justice and it’s very easy to see why. Killing living things, animals, people, plants, trees and the environment to get money out of it is a CRIME! And we are each other’s enemy. Why? Because “they depend on our silence” we don’t do anything to stop them. They are criminals that think of themselves as being so smart when they are actually the dumb ones, they don’t see that one day like in the movie Avatar everything is going to come back to them. Cutting trees makes wood which to them is money, the oil they get, the bones from the dead creatures to them is money and that’s a crime. They show a very specific lesson in the movie Avatar, one day our environment is going to talk back to us; and just how people kill our forest and just everything they kill for money the environment is going to kill is. And it’s going to happen one day and is the day when we are going to realize the silence is just as bad as killing.

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